Crypto Algo In 5 Minutes

It's that easy to trade with code

It’s So Easy to Algo

Algotrading can be for everyone

How Easy Is It?

When I ask people if they’ve algo traded, typically, they look at me in surprise. Algo trading is a complex operation, requiring detailed market knowledge, careful forethought and expert level coding skills. Even then, the risks must be considered - consider a small typo… runaway code… Doesn’t bare thinking about. Right?

Au contraire…

On exchanges like BitMEX, you can trade with as little as 1 cent. At any level of trading - even just playing with a few dollars you’re an equal peer with everyone else. You can limit your risks to be as low as you wish them to be.

Okay - but it’s complex to do it - there’s a steep learning curve - isn’t there?

No not really get some coin and create a BitMEX account and then:

from bitmex import bitmex
api_key = 'ABCDEfghijkLMNOPqrstuvwxyz'
secret = 'abcdefg1234567ZYXWVUT9876543HIJKLMOpqrstuv654321'
client = bitmex(test=False, api_key=api_key, api_secret=secret)
sym = 'ETHUSD'
qty = 10
c_order = client.Order.Order_new(symbol=sym, orderQty=qty).result()

There - you just bought 10 contracts - effectively $10 worth of Ethereum. Try it yourself right now!

Not Quite An Algo

To make the above code into an algo is basically putting it in a loop. Of course it must buy at the appropriate levels and probably sell at others. Various strategies are well-known and reasonable - and that’s where it gets fun. You’re now in competition with all the other traders (algo or not).

We’ll be adding example algos in these blogs - here’s one from Saleh Mirnezami for you to play with - in a Gitpod so you can run it and develop it further - and here’s how to put this algo together.

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