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Reinforcement Learning and AI for Algorithmic Trading

Charly Bechara

Charly Bechara

Causal AI expert with PhD in parallel computing, and CEO of Scalnyx

Balázs Koncz

Balázs Koncz

Certified broker, software engineer and Co-founder of Neurobot

In this installment of our webinar series we'll explore how techniques in Reinforcement Learning and AI can be applied to Algorithmic Trading.

We'll start with a presentation of Causal AI and how it can be used to find explicit cause-and-effect links and hidden signals in large amounts of data. These techniques can be applied to gain real-time predictive analytics.

Next there will be a presentation on how PyTorch can be used to train a Deep Neural Network using technical indicators. Backtesting results from these methods will also be discussed.

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