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Getting Started with Trading Bots

getting started bot

Ben Usinger

BitMEX Head of Community

Richard Hickling

Richard Hickling

Trading and Risk Technology expert and Co-Founder at ProfitView

Jahan Zahid

Jahan Zahid

Quant Trader with PhD in Number Theory, Co-Founder at ProfitView

Returning for a second partnership webinar with BitMEX, we're clarifying in detail how, starting from scratch, you can be going with a trading bot in a few minutes

Firstly, Richard will take you through the fundamentals. Then, Ben will demonstrate exactly how to connect ProfitView with BitMEX via API keys. There's no mystery!

Finally, Richard will show you how to get an actual working starter Bot from GitHub and get it going in ProfitView. We then take many questions.

If you have a little programming skill but haven't coded a Bot before - this is for you. You'll be running a Bot in minutes.

As before, to make the most of the session, we recommend that all attendees have a verified BitMEX account (min. wallet balance of 50 USDT or equivalent) and a basic understanding of trading perpetual swaps and derivatives contracts.

New users to BitMEX can currently earn up to $5,000 in BMEX Tokens, within their first 30 days (register here).

About BitMEX

BitMEX is the leading crypto derivatives exchange, providing professional crypto traders with a platform that caters to their needs with low latency, deep liquidity and unmatched reliability.

Since our founding, no cryptocurrency has been lost through intrusion or hacking, allowing BitMEX users to trade safely in the knowledge that their funds are secure. So too that they have access to the products and tools they require to be profitable. BitMEX was also one of the first exchanges to publish their on-chain Proof of Reserves and Proof of Liabilities data. The exchange continues to publish this data twice a week - proving assurance that they safely store and segregate the funds they are entrusted with. For more information on BitMEX, please visit the BitMEX Blog or

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