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How to get a job at a High Frequency Trading firm

Debolina Agarwal

Debolina Agarwal

Head of Talent Acquisition and Outreach at Portofino Technologies

Mike Tsantekidis

Mike Tsantekidis, PhD

Software Development and Quant Research at Portofino Technologies

Richard Hickling

Richard Hickling

Trading and Risk Technology expert and Co-Founder at ProfitView

Join us for a webinar with Portofino Technologies, where we will be conducting a live Q&A session on how to secure a job offer at a top High Frequency Trading firm.

Founded in April 2021, Portofino Technologies is a high-frequency trading firm building technology for digital assets. Started by two former Citadel Securities leaders, they came out of stealth mode in September 2022 having raised over $50m.

Examples of questions we'll be covering:

  • What competencies are required to get a quant job at a HFT firm?
  • What are the standard compensation ranges for roles within HFT?
  • How do I succeed in a technical interview with a HFT firm?
  • How can I become a better quantitative researcher?
  • Is it possible to apply for the same role multiple times?
  • Can I still get a job if I'm not from a tier one university?
  • How useful is stochastic calculus in your daily job?
  • Which programming languages are important in the HFT field?
  • What projects can I work on to learn more about quant research?
  • What maths skills are required to develop trading models?
  • What about being a quant motivates you?
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