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Algorithmic Trading with Python - Part I

kelly criterion
Jahan Zahid

Jahan Zahid

Quant Trader with PhD in Number Theory, Co-Founder at ProfitView

Richard Hickling

Richard Hickling

Trading and Risk Technology expert and Co-Founder at ProfitView

Join us for this workshop where we will be backtesting and deploying an algorithmic trading strategy in a live environment. We'll see how it performs and discuss the steps one can take to improve its performance.

Due to the limited duration of the event, the strategy showcased will use basic ideas in mathematics and technical analysis. We'll be using the Python libraries scipy and talib.

This workshop will be the first part of a larger series, and should appeal to anyone who has an interest in developing automated trading strategies. It would be helpful if you have programming experience, otherwise some aspects of the workshop will be harder to follow.

Disclaimer: this talk won't be covering topics in low-latency trading. The focus instead will be on the more quantitative aspects of trading and developing strategies.

Documentation, code links, and the video replay will be provided via email following the event. If this sounds interesting, sign up and we look forward to welcoming you. As with previous events there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

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