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Algorithmic BitMEX Trading with C++

C++ is Fast
Richard Hickling

Richard Hickling

Trading and Risk Technology expert and Co-Founder at ProfitView

Jahan Zahid

Jahan Zahid

Quant Trader with PhD in Number Theory, Co-Founder at ProfitView

Amongst professional, C++ is the preferred language for algo trading.

This is because much of such trading is high-frequency and in traditional asset classes on major trading venues, latency is very low. C++ is as fast as you can get (perhaps, excepting FPGAs).
In the crypto world, exchanges haven't yet reached the same low latencies. Nevertheless, having the ability to complete complex price calculations within the timespan of a trade is very important.

In this webinar we'll show you:
- How to code an algo trading bot for BitMEX in C++
- That code running and trading
- The GitHub where you can download and build the algo yourself
- We even provide a Slack channel where we'll be happy to work you through any problems you may encounter getting it going.

Run it yourself, then adapt with your own strategies.

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