Live Webinar

C++ 20 Techniques for Algorithmic Trading

Hosted by
Antony Peacock

Antony Peacock

C++ ISO committee member and Developer at Maven Securities

Rainer Grimm

Rainer Grimm

Renowned C++ instructor and author at Modernes C++

Richard Hickling

Richard Hickling

Trading technology expert and Co-Founder at ProfitView

Why do the biggest and most profitable trading firms use C++? In this webinar we will address this question and present one of the most anticipated features of the C++20 standard: Ranges.

To start us off, Antony Peacock will describe what modern day C++ looks like at leading market-maker and proprietary trading firm Maven Securities where he is a senior developer.

Rainer Grimm of Modernes C++ will then give us a detailed overview of the Ranges library and provide a soupçon of concepts in C++20.

Finally, Richard Hickling will run a C++ algo trading strategy in a live environment on the crypto exchange FTX, whilst managing the risk and PnL using ProfitView.

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