The last two years have been a wild ride for ProfitView. But it was our introduction to BitMEX that sparked it all off. I couldn’t believe that trading could be made so straightforward - you just sign up and you’re trading.

The Algo Trading Opportunity

While that was refreshing, when my colleague - now ProfitView co-founder Jahan Zahid - showed me BitMEX’s REST interface I was stunned. I played around with it … just 5 lines of code needed to enter a market order. Later I saw a question asking how to get started on the /r/algotrading sub-Reddit. I just pasted those lines - and saw the amazed response. I was hooked. I knew a revolution was happening on top of the crypto revolution.

enter a market order

But the reality of algo trading crypto seriously, requires discipline. For Jahan, educated by his days trading FX as a part of one of the worlds largest operations - $40 billion per day - you must have supporting software. For FX, stocks, bonds, commodities - traditional asset-classes - all this is well understood and covered. Crypto? Not so much. That was our opportunity.

But it’s not enough to take what’s done in FX and repeat. Crypto is a very different asset class. The great example - and what gave ProfitView its initial impetus - is the perpetual futures contract, or “the perp”. BitMEX’s introduction of the Bitcoin perp spurred a highly liquid market that brought in large players and effectively created the professional crypto market as we now know it. All those professionals - most self-exiles from traditional markets - had to get trading quick. But there was no associated crypto fintech industry to support them. They have been forced to use spreadsheets or build up their own systems.

Let Us Help You Get Better

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And it’s surprisingly difficult to get the calculations right. The first vital figure that every professional trader needs is PnL (or P&L). It’s the net profit (or loss) in total for a period. It requires a precise understanding of the contracts traded and careful coding. It’s not the sort of thing traders enjoy, by temperament. Mistakes are common and the results can be disasterous. ProfitView stakes its reputation on getting all this right. Traders can rely on us and get back to trading.

ProfitView’s mission is to make professional traders’ better. We want to clearly show them what they need to know - without confusing distractions. We provide their PnL as a single figure in real time both numerically and in a chart. We show their historical PnL in ways that allow them to see it overall at a glance - or dive into the minute detail.

journal a trade

ProfitView continues to roll out features as we listen to serious traders’ needs. For example good traders keep Journals but their upkeep is cumbersome. We automatically journal every trade and let you add notes and share it. Now when you brag on Trollbox you can prove it with a link. Sign up now to experiment with all our features.

ProfitView’s partnership with BitMEX has now become official. We thank BitMEX for the trust they have put in us in taking this step. During the promotion period of the partnership, once you add your BitMEX exchange key, a 30% reduction will become available for one year on our Pro plan - definitely a limited offer!