Want to get going with Coinbase? I’m assuming you’re already signed up to Coinbase Pro - if not, get over there and sign-up. You won’t regret it!

I’ll show you how to find your Coinbase Pro read-only exchange key and add it to your ProfitView. Then do a few trades and you’ll see them flow through so you can ProfitView them.

Set Up Your API Key

I suggest you open two browser windows and place them side-by-side. One will be for Coinbase Pro, the other ProfitView.

First, log-in to Coinbase Pro. Click the drop-down at the top-right of the screen (the one with your account name) and choose API (or, you can just click here).

The My API Keys panel should appear (if not, click the API SETTINGS tab). Choose the portfolio you want to provide your API key for (you can repeat this later to ProfitView all your portfolios).

Click the + New API Key button.

You can make the API key nickname “Portfolio Name ProfitView” (substituting the name of your portfolio) - or anything else.

Under Permissions, click just the View checkbox.

Write down or copy the Passphrase - you’ll need it shortly.

Click CREATE API KEY. You will need to complete Coinbase verification. You will now see your API Secret code - copy it somewhere (e.g. a Google doc). You’ll need this too.

You will see the new key listed (if you had others, look down for the Nickname you entered).

Directly below the portfolio name for this key, you will see a 32 character string of letters and numbers (actually, a hexadecimal number).

This is your API Key.

Click on this to copy it to the clipboard. Paste it near where you recorded your API Secret above.

Connecting Coinbase Pro to Your ProfitView

Go to ProfitView and log in. On the left panel click Settings. On the panel that appears, click Exchanges on its left side.

Under Add a new account click the Select an Exchange dropdown. Scroll down and choose Coinbase Pro.

This is where you enter the info you collected earlier.

Paste the API Key into the API Key box. Paste the API Secret into the API Secret box. Paste the Passphrase into the Passphrase box.

If you like, you can give this Account a name in the box under these - or accept the default “Coinbase Pro”.

Now click Connect and wait a while as we pull all this portfolio’s trade history into your ProfitView.

Happy Trading!