BitMEX Partners with ProfitView

If you trade seriously, you must keep track of which trades work and which don’t. You can download BitMEX data to spreadsheets or write code but who has time for that?

So let ProfitView do it all for you - in real time.
For BitMEX traders:
30% off our Pro plan for one year

Track Profits - and Losses

We show your net PnL across all positions - in real time on a live ticking chart. We factor in all fees and funding and display it in the currency of your choice.

With ProfitView you always know where you are.

Analyze Your Performance

How are you doing this month vs last? How about last year? See your historical trading statistics month by month.
Break down your trading history in as fine detail as you want - by any criteria that gives you insight.
Download it all to analyse further or share with your accountant.

Journal and Share Your Trades

ProfitView makes you trade better. We journal all your trades - you just fill in the blanks. Note ideas that worked - or failed. Tag your strategies or algos.
When things go well (or badly...) tell your friends with our shareable links